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Bozo Award
Once a month, members nominate some lucky member to receive the Bozo Award.  A member is nominated for doing all sorts of things, an example would be forgetting to put down a kickstand and dropping their bike.  After nominations are complete a vote is taken and the Bozo Award is awarded to the lucky member.  The Bozo award is then proudly displayed by the winning member at all events.  If the member leaves the Bozo award at home he/she risks winning the award the next month..
January 2007

Steve B. had a great time at the Christmas party, he will carry Bozo for trying to blow out the battery operated candle center pieces at the end of the Christmas Party. 
February 2007

Don R. made a really nice flag pole and stand for our meeting room.  I think he should have measured the height twice because when he assembled it, he managed to poke a hole in the ceiling.
March 2007

Chris S. received the Bozo Award for signing a check at City Cycle Sales lugged rack.
April 2007

Barb B. nominated Steve for thinking his vision was blurry from Tuesday until Thursday when he found the missing lens to his glasses.  Barb won Bozo for not noticing the lens was missing.
May 2007

Mike won the Bozo Award for ordering a Tyme Out Burger.  Is that really worth winning the Bozo Award?  I guess it is when you order a Tyme Out Burger at Coaches Bar & Grille.
June 2007

Tammy won the Bozo Award for not taking the emergency brake off while trying to get her truck out of the mud. 
July 2007

Dean won the Bozo Award for running out of gas in the 4th of July parade.  Technically he didn't run out of gas in the  parade, it was about 200 feet after the parade.
August 2007

Don R. won the Bozo Award for Missing Jury Duty
September 2007

Don R. was nominated for using the wrong restroom on the MDA run, and missing a turn on the MDA run, and leaving his wife at the Riley gas station.

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October 2007

Don. R. what happens when you lose track of Bozo?

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November 2007

Barb B. when you bowl remember to let go of the ball when it's moving towards the pins.
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August 2008
Kevin C. received the Bozo Award for looking for a restaurant in Topeka that he heard about on the radio.  He later realized that he had been listening to a Salina station and instead of finding Maggie Mae in Salina he found Maggie Moo in Topeka.

October 2008

Linda Rush emptied her water bottle over her shoulder and hit an innocent cross country rider who had stopped to see if the shop was open.

December 2008

Darryl Z. received the Bozo Award again this month as he forgot to bring Bozo to the official HOG function known as the monthly meeting.

November 2008

Darryl Z. received the Bozo Award for leaving his keys that he needed in Lawrence at home.  His wife had to bring the keys to him to get his truck home.

January 2009

Bonnie T. asked to take Bozo to Washington D.C. to be with Don S. one last time.  Bozo will be making a trip to Arlington Cemetery with Bonnie.

February 2009

Dan B. tried to set an activity date of March 35th and for this he recieved the Bozo Award.

May 2009

Sue received bozo for asking the north side of the room what part of her officer report did they not hear.

June 2009

Linda received the bozo award for failing to pack Don's leather jacket and her jeans for the State Rally

July 2009

Kevin was warned by his wife several times that she was about out of gas.  But he didn't stop and she ran out.  So Bozo was awarded Kevin for not listening to his wife.

January 2010

Dean recieved the Bozo for parking one of his many bike's behind his truck.  OOPS, Oh well this one was just a Honda

February 2010

Bozo stays with Dean for another month. Dean went on vacation and left Bozo behind unsupervised.  Bozo needs close supervision as he tends to get into troublesome situations.

March 2010

Dan got the bozo for leaving Linda off of the meeting schedule for to meeting in a row.

April 2010

Bill got the bozo, I guess you could say for just being Bill.
By the way, Bill wouldn't cooperate with the photographer so he not only gets to bring Bozo to all the events for the month.  He gets to wear the Bozo costume.

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August 2010
Kevin heard a rumor that someone had backed their car into their spouse’s bike and did not tell them, and later that
spouse ran his motorcycle into her
car, not knowing that the damage on
the car was done previously. The
persons were the Schellers, and all
members present voted for them to
receive Bozo.

January 2013

T.J. was voted to be the first 2013 recipient
of Bozo at January’s meeting because he wore
shorts in very cold weather to the After
Christmas Party/HOG Chapter meeting.

February 2013

Gerry Jean
received the Bozo for handing away the Motorcycle Monster flyer which contained the phone number he needed to
present to the group. 

May 2010
Kevin received bozo for going on long
scavenger hunt adventures and not getting the photo
because he could not get to the place that the photo
needed to be taken.

March 2013

TJ is going to lead a ride to Oakley for lunch and then follow the Run For The Wall riders back to Junction City.  He received the Bozo for telling everyone that they would ride to Olatha not Oakley.
Bozo is proud of his new Bike.
Pictures of Bozo on his trip to California.

April 2013

Gerry J. received Bozo for stating that Kevin C paid him off so he would not nominate Kevin for Bozo.

May 2013

Kevin C. was nominated for Bozo for thinking he would fit in selling Tupperware as a Harley dude.

June 2013

Carol E. received Bozo for losing her husband Steve during a guided tour of the Salt Mine in Hutchinson, one of the planned events for the Kansas State Rally.
Or so she thought, he was behind her.

Feb 2014

Deb A. received Bozo for telling the director to hold on a minute she was busy putting things in her calendar.  The director had just asked her if she had anything to ad during the monthly meeting.

March 2014

Franklin G. received Bozo for dancing on the stage with the band at HOT training.

June 2015

Don R. received Bozo from Sue G. for well I'm not sure I guess just being Don.

June 2016

Linda R. received Bozo from Andy W. for having everyone search for her camera that was strapped around her neck during MDA.